Joseph Palermo


Born on the south side of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Post World War II, the son of John Palermo,
Gandi Dancer for the Pennsylvania and Lake Erie Railroad, and Perrina Palermo, Opera Singer
and housewife. Enlisting in the U.S. Marines at the age of 17, Joseph Palermo lived in New York,
and other countries of the world. In the sense of adventure, Joe Palermo, is an artist who has
been everywhere and done most everything. An undefeated amateur boxer in the Marine Corps,
he was honorably discharged out of the service in Spain, and had the opportunity to serve as an
assistant to Joan Miro. Back in the U.S. he dealt blackjack for a year in Las Vegas, managed a
doo-wop vocal group called the Delcos, and was a professional jazz musician. Rejoining the
military, he attended the Ecole des Beaux Arts while serving as an air traffic controller in Paris for
three years. He then served a tour in Vietnam and was wounded in action, as a member of the
19th Air Commandos. After, Palermo, left the military, he traveled to Africa as a mercenary on a
life- saving mission. He then spent ten years living in Spain as a highly respected expatriate artist.
Finally he cast his fate in Las Vegas again, soon serving as the President and Executive Director
of the new Las Vegas Art Museum. Through all this life- flux, Palermo has remained an artist, and
an accomplished painter and a sculptor, first and foremost. As an artist, Joseph’s work has been
through many changes, as has his colorful life. Master of many styles, he has floated freely
among them, sometimes adopting and discarding them in an experimental journey that has now
brought him to the innovative frontier of American art.
James Mann, Ph.D. Curator, Las Vegas Art Museum

Ecole des Beaux Arts, Paris France
University of Madrid, Spain
University Of Maryland
Carnegie Mellon

ASTO. Museum of Fine Art, Los Angeles, CA.
Southern Nevada Museum Of Fine Art
Bellas Artes, Barcelona, Spain
Air and Space Museum, Washington, DC
United States Air Force Museum, Ohio

National ARTV Awards, Artist of the year 2005-2006
National ARTV Awards, Printmaking, 2005-2006
Museo Espanole de Arte Contemporaneo, (Bellas Artes) Madrid, Spain-Secunda Medalla (1977)
Secunda Biennial de Artistas Plasticos, Samora Spain- Medalla Oro (1976)
Exposition National de Arte Contemporaneo, Madrid, Spain- Secunda Medalla (1976)
34* Biennial of Contemporary American Painting, Corcoran Gallery, Honorable Mention,
Washington, DC, (1975)
Washington Project for the Arts, Inaugural Exhibition, Honorable Mention, Washington, DC (1975)
Tri- Centennial Festival, Juried Competition, First Prize, Columbia SC, (1970)

Simon Mortgage Company, Los Angeles, CA
McCarran Corporate Plaza, Las Vegas, NV
DAVRIC Corporation, Henderson, NV
Bank of America
Alcoa Aluminum
Trans World Airlines
Xerox Corp., New York City, NY
Italian Embassy, Washington, DC
Sumter County Historical Society, SC
Library of Congress, Washington, DC
Ameribank, Madrid, Spain
Banco, Hispano Americano, Madrid, Spain
Price Waterhouse
Clark County Nevada, Hollywood Park Cultural Center

Governor’s, appointee to the Board of Directors for the Nevada Arts Council 2007-2011.
Commissioned by Nevada Arts Advocates to create the inaugural Toni Tennille Arts
Advocacy Award 1999

2012 Allure Fine Art Gallery, Las Vegas, NV
2008 New Art Center, New York, NY
2008 Seyhoun Gallery, West Hollywood
2005 Las Vegas Art Museum, “Retrospective”, Las Vegas, NV
1993 South Bank Galleries, Pittsburgh, PA
1990 Estudio Cuatro, Madrid, Spain
1990 South Bank Galleries, Pittsburgh, PA
1987 South Bank Galleries, Pittsburgh, PA
1980 Gallery One, Washington, DC
1975 Private Showing for West Virginia, Delegation to Congress, U.S., Capital, Washington, DC
1975 Washington Project for the Arts, Washington, DC
1975 Hamlet Community Arts Center, Alexandria, VA
1975 Port of Georgetown, Washington, DC
1974 Galleria Sen, Madrid, Spain
1973 Estudio Cuatro, Madrid, Spain
1971 Zablan Gallery, Manila, Phillippines
1969 Jade East Gallery, San Francisco, CA
1964 Dominion Gallery, San Francisco, CA
1962 Galerie Martine, Paris, France
1961 Galerie Martine, Paris, France

2013 Art Santa Fe, Santa Fe, NM
2012 LA Show, Los Angles, CA
2011 Art Santa Fe, Santa Fe, NM
2011 Rainforest Foundation Gallery, Queens, New York
2011 International Contemporary Masters, Southern Nevada Museum of Fine Art, Las Vegas,
2010 International Contemporary Masters, Southern Nevada Museum of Fine Art, Las Vegas,
2009 Southern Nevada Museum of Fine Art, Las Vegas, NV
2007 Modern & Contemporary Master’s Exhibition, New Arts Center, New York, NY
2007 Art Expo, Las Vegas, NV
2003 Louis Aronow Gallery, San Francisco, CA
2001 Las Vegas Art Museum, Rainforest Invitational, Las Vegas, NV
2001 Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts, Rainforest Invitational, Taipei, Taiwan
1999 Art Expo, New York, NY
1997 Ross Watkins Gallery, Palm Desert, CA
1995 Left Bank Gallery, Laguna Beach, CA
1994 Art Expo, Art World Industries, Las Vegas, NV
1993 Associated Artists of Pittsburgh Gallery, Pittsburgh, PA
1992 Pittsburgh Center for the Arts, Pittsburgh, PA
1991 Bertoncina Gallery, Chicago, Illinois
1991 Pittsburgh Center for the Arts, Pittsburgh, PA
1990 Pittsburgh Center for the Arts, Pittsburgh, PA
1990 Carnegie Museum, Associated Artists, Pittsburgh, PA
1983 South Bank Gallery, Pittsburgh PA
1979 B.J. David Gallery, Washington, DC
1977 Museo Espanole de Arte Contemporaneo, Madrid, Spain
1976 Exposition National de Arte Contemporaneo, Madrid, Spain
1976 Second Biennial of Painters, Samora, Spain
1975 34th Biennial of Contemporary American Painting, Corcoran Gallery, Washington, DC
1974 Galleria de Arte International, Madrid, Spain
1974 Estudio Cautro, Madrid, Spain
1972 Loft Gallery, Soho, NY
1972 Merrick Gallery, Long Island, NY
1970 Tri-Centennial Festival, Juried Show, Columbia, SC
1963 Dominion Gallery, San Francisco, CA
1961 Unesco, Paris, France

Vicki Alessandrelli, Las Vegas, NV Honorable Jerry Kaufman, Las Vegas, NV
Richard & Mary Bailey, Las Vegas, NV Mr. & Mrs. Henry King, Alexandria, VA
Barry Bates & Janet Dufek, Henderson, NV Sue Ellen Martinelli, Las Vegas,NV
Irving & Robin Berliner, Los Angeles, CA Joseph & Carol Massero, Pittsburgh, PA
Rosalee Blackman, Las Vegas, NV Francisco & Pilar Montoya, Madrid Spain
David Carver, Las Vegas, NV Jerry & Lotty Polis, Las Vegas, NV
Neil Diamond, Entertainer Walter Rosenbloom, New York, NY
Gerald & Wilma Ehrens, Las Vegas, NV Samuel Sciullo Esquire, Pittsburgh, PA
Prince Fahd, Saudi, Arabia Richard Seewald, Pittsburgh, PA
Betty & President Gerald Ford, Palm Desert, CA Giborg Simon, Los Angeles, CA
Joseph Forresto, New York, NY Jeffrey Singer, Long Beach,CA
Italian Ambassador Goya, Italy Senator Strom Thurmon, Columbia, SC
Tom Jones, (Entertainer) Jose Antonio Vivas, Madrid, Spain

International Contemporary Masters, 2010,2011
Art World News, Multiple Awards to include Artist of the Year 2006
“Neon”, Las Vegas Review Journal Ken White, 2005
Who’s Who in America Art, 24th, 25th, and 26th, 27th ,28th editions
Turnberry Place Magazine, Featured Artist, 2002
V.I.P. Magazine cover & Feature, A. Roberts, 2001
Distinguished Men of Southern, NV, 2001
International Encyclopedic Dictionary of Modern and Contemporary Art 1999-2001
In Business Las Vegas, Deal Maker of the Year Award, Cindie Geddes, 1999-2000
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New York Art Review, Les Krantz, 1989
Ceramica Espagna, Tony Viva, 1980, 1985
Arte Vivo, Emilio Delgado Espenosa, 1975
Escultura de Madrid, Jose Rivera de Telavera, 1975

Contemporary Arts Collective, Advisory Board, Las Vegas, Nevada
Henderson Art Association, Co-Founder & Vice President
Las Vegas Art Museum, Past President, Las Vegas, NV
Desert Sculptors, Member, Las Vegas, NV
Contemporary Arts Collective (CAC), Las Vegas, NV
Pittsburgh Center for the Arts, Member, Pittsburgh, PA
Associated Artists of Pittsburgh, Member, Pittsburgh, PA
Washington Project for the Arts, Washington, DC
Torpedo Factory, Alexandria, VA
Associacion de Artistas Plasticos de Madrid, Member, Madrid, Spain
Unesco, Member, Paris, France

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