Dubi Arie









The  young man, a paratrooper, Dubi Arie gazed at the wondrous sight before him. An overwhelming feeling rose up from deep within him , a personal awakening that resulted from his life-long quest to understand the struggles of the Jewish people.

Although it would be several years before he would finally put brush to canvas, the mission of Dubi Arie — artist, soldier, farmer and¬†holocaust survivor — had already begun.

Deeply aroused by his experiences in the Six Day War, Dubi embarked on a massive artistic project that he perceived as a “national mission”, a major contribution to his people that would require total concentration and devotion in the years to come.


I believe, with all my heart, that my destiny was guided and continues to be guided by the power above, towards the biggest and most important challenge in my life — the implementation of this creation. When I succeed in this holy mission I will know that there was a purpose for my life. I will know that the tests which I have faced were the preparation for this esteemed purpose.”

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